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I seek to educate and empower communities
by using my stories and experiences to shine a light on the reality of human trafficking.


Photo of Khalila Riga at The Story of Foster Care, Volume 2 gallery launch with her art displayed in the background.

This is me

Hey! I’m Khalila.


I am a believer of Jesus Christ, a wife, a mother, and a survivor of human trafficking. I have been a strong advocate in the fight against human trafficking since 2020, and just like every survivor, I bring a unique, specific perspective on the issue and my personal story has influenced the work I do. In my years since leaving “the life”, I’ve gained experience and education working in the anti-trafficking field to help others leave exploitation.

I have worked as a residential technician and a case manager, with several organizations such as Hope Center Indy and The Salvation Army in the Greater Cincinnati Anti-Human Trafficking Division. Currently I serve  as a Board Member on the Survivor Advisory Council for the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking, representing the Northeast Ohio Region and am a member of Survivor Alliance

I am passionate about helping others find freedom from human trafficking and believe that we all share a responsibility in the fight to do what we can to eradicate this and bring healing to those that are both free and still entrapped.
My long term goal is to establish a refuge for children, young girls, women that are victims and survivors of human trafficking, with the intention of global outreach for this international need.

I’m excited to partner with you in the fight for freedom from modern day slavery!

Photo of Khalila and Brad Riga at anti-trafficking event.

There are many misperceptions about human trafficking.

What does trafficking really look like?

What is it? What is it not?

How can we protect our families?

What can I do in my community?

I want to have these conversations with you and your community. I believe that we can combat these misperceptions with truth, leading to real change.

Clients & Collaborations

These are some of the organizations and people I've collaborated with or shared my story through!


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Photo of Khalila Riga being interviewed for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Topics I speak to:

  • best practices in the
    anti-trafficking field

  • trauma informed care

  • dignity of everyone involved

  • ethical storytelling

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