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Here is a collection of resources I recommend for those looking to gain a deeper understanding about human trafficking and recovery!


branded: generally a tattoo that indicates who she 'belongs to' and being indoctrinated to the 'family'
caught a case: jailed for prostitution
daddy: a term that victims may be required to call their traffickers.
date: the appointment to exchange sex for money
family/folks: this term is used by traffickers to make an attempt at suggesting that the girls underneath that trafficker are in a family environment.
the game/the life: the lifestyle and the industry of human trafficking
guerilla (gorilla) pimp: a trafficker or pimp who is violent.
grooming: the process by which a trafficker is befriending/dating a girl to earn her total trust and gradually expands her boundaries before she is turned out.
hoe: a term referring to a person in prostitution. This term is frequently used by traffickers with their victims
304: Often used in texting or in ads. Upside down it
resembles the word "hoe"
john/trick: a man (person) purchasing sex from a person (child) being prostituted.
kiddie or runaway track: where minors or homeless youth are sold or identified by traffickers.
lot lizard: a slur used for prostituted woman or child at a truck stop.
PI: a pimp
quota: the required amount a victim must give to their trafficker/pimp at the end of every night.
Romeo/finesse pimp: these are traffickers who deceive and lure their victims by defrauding them by pretending to be their boyfriend.
seasoning: the process by which victims are broken down. Their spirits are broken and traffickers gain control through methods of rape, manipulation, intimidation and beatings.
sister: another girl in the stable.
stable: a group of victims controlled by the pimp.
turn out: a newly involved person; to be forced into prostitution.
wifey/wife-in-law: what the women within the stable are required to call one another.
working: performing of sexual acts in exchange for money.

Human Trafficking Awareness Day
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