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Created and presented by Empty Frames Initiative, this work reveals the intersections of the foster care system and the realm of human trafficking from the perspectives of those with lived experience.


In this sequel book, The Story of Foster Care, Vol. 2, presents an autobiographical collection that brings awareness to the intersections of the foster care system and the realm of human trafficking. Readers are once more invited into the stories of lived experiences, with this volume focused on those who have experienced both foster care and human trafficking, the professional community who work to support healthy exits from trafficking, and child-welfare professionals who have witnessed the systemic connection.


The collection of photovoice storytelling engages photography and prose to center the stories. Narrative works in the collection are varied with each author's delivery, with insights shared in voices of prose, direct speech, and commentary. The artistic voice of each author is also seen through their personal and individual photographs which complement the written works and visually bring their story to life.


This volume features:


  • Dynamic Full Color Photos

  • Multiple Perspectives of the foster care system (former foster youth, survivors of trafficking who were also former foster youth, social workers, professional support community, foster parents)

  • Concept Mapping of Three Distinct Intersections: Before, During, & After time in care

  • Identifies need for healing interventions from communities

  • Ideal read for adults wanting to learn more about the foster care system and/or the world of human trafficking


Both Foster Care and Human Trafficking are challenging topics, more so within their interconnectivity. The artists involved with this project provide a cohesive, collaborative overview engineered toward the origin of prevention, intervention, and healing for individuals and systems alike.


Empty Frames Initiative's Contributing Authors:

  • Betty Beatty

  • Sarah Chambers

  • Lauren Clark

  • Miriam Cobb

  • Courtney Dunkerton

  • Arcelina Galvan

  • Monique McClendon

  • Kristen Motta

  • Tonnette Patterson

  • Khalila Riga


This work also serves as encouragement to those working in the field and those experiencing life in the overlap of foster care and human trafficking - that there is more to your story and the intersections need only be a chapter. Volume 2 continues to prompt reflection for professionals working on either side of the intersection, sounding a call to move towards the middle by illuminating new ways to approach the complexity found at the intersection.


Both challenging and inspiring, this honest work compels the reader to set aside preconceived notions and listen to the lived experiences of others.


This volume is a compelling introduction to the foster care system and the world of human trafficking and is meant for anyone connected to the foster care community: former foster youth, trafficking survivors, concerned parents, foster parents, educators, collegiate, medical staff, advocates, law enforcement, counselors, legislative communities, pastors, faith-based communities, and anyone interested in engaging in the intricate world of foster care.

The Story of Foster Care | Volume 2

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    • Paper back book
    • Measures 8.5"x8.5"
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